• 32x Altar Candle ceresin 250 40 mm Mud Sparkling Champagne CJISRJORQ

Colour: Mud'Height: 250mm 97/8Diameter: 40mmBox contents: 32Burn Time: 29hours

Altar candle Ceresin
Colour: Mud
'Height: 250mm 97/8
Diameter: 40mm
Packaging unit: 32
Burn time: 29hours
The Wiedemann Green Candle *: The environmentally friendly
All candles will from fa in RAL quality. Wiedemann GmbH from Degge Village).
What does this mean RAL quality mark for consumer
1. candles with the certification are a soot or smoke.
2) use of quality wicks).
3candles, to protect the quality mark wear, don't drip when used correctly.
4) the shapes, colours and dimensions of the candle are consistent and reliable.
5. the manufacturer are committed to no schadstoffbelastete raw materials, paints or varnishes.
6, the digging certification This power supply comes with a warranty covering all candles and tea lights.
By the certification of quality German Association of candles: There are currently 34Manufacturer predominantly from Germany candles, but also to the rest of Europe. They together for more than 80% of the German Total production of 100,000tons on an annual basis.
* Wiedemann to zero carbon dioxide emissions and provides in his aim is to consistent for climate neutral. Wiedemann promotes climate protection projects around the globe the together aim to protecting the environment and sustainability. When ABBrand Green Candle * Candles are all the while still Unvermeidbare of carbon dioxide emissions, but that are due to the Vorgenommenen Kompensationen CO2neutral in total. That is why the candles produced by Wiedemann are for the responsible way to manage resources and is suitable for the future of our children. Enjoy the opportunity to participate in a positive contribution to the environmental and climate protection to purchases to the Wiedemann Green Candle and care to look for when candle *.

32x Altar Candle ceresin 250 40 mm Mud Sparkling Champagne CJISRJORQ

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32x Altar Candle ceresin 250 40 mm Mud Sparkling Champagne CJISRJORQ

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