• 3D Wall Stickercoconut Sea Gull Beach Breath Bedroom Adornment WGPWTJPGR

Size: 90*40CMOur high quality, waterproof and self-adhesive wall applique is made of environmentally-friendly materials, non-toxic and durable. Wall tattoos are almost adherent to all dust, grease, latex, acrylic and silicone surfaces, and can be easily removed without leaving any residue.With this beautiful wall sticker, the beach is green throughout the year. It is suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, corridors / corridors, or as window stickers and bumper stickers (waterproof!)Design: vivid design makes wall stickers more modern, chic and artistic. You can paste stickers on your own preferences, which is very interesting and simple.Advantages: easy to smear, remove, relocate and reuse, do not leave any damage or residue, very fast and easy to use, no tools. No paint, no sticky.

Color: Green
Using our wall tattoo, you can create a completely new space effect in several steps: simply peel off, persist, wipe, finish!
We give you a hint:
- please make sure that your surface is clean and fat free. After the new decoration, please dry your walls for three weeks.
- you put the stickers in the carton, and we suggest that you flatten the leaves: first spread the leaves on the plane, or roll in the opposite direction.
It is best to accurately measure the location of the wall stickers you want.
When installing, it is suggested that there should be a sample illustration of the finished pattern nearby. This is included in the paper delivered - small print - followed.
- use four hands to put the tattoo on top of the wall, so it's faster and more fun!
For very rough textured surfaces, it is important to press the center of the pattern on the wall first and press the corresponding components from inside to avoid the formation of bubbles.
- if you create an air base when you install big wall tattoos, and you do not want to relocate the main body, you can solve the problem easily with short needles.
What we want to point out is that the actual size of the wall stickers depends on how you connect parts to the wall. The size we indicate is only corresponding to the approximate size.
Have fun to stick to!

3D Wall Stickercoconut Sea Gull Beach Breath Bedroom Adornment WGPWTJPGR

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3D Wall Stickercoconut Sea Gull Beach Breath Bedroom Adornment WGPWTJPGR

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